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Upon completion of the inspection, we provide you with a comprehensive report that highlights our findings, including any areas of concern or recommended repairs. This report serves as a valuable resource in your decision-making process, enabling you to negotiate repairs with the seller or plan for future maintenance accordingly.

At Daily Bread Inspections, we are committed to delivering reliable, unbiased, and professional residential inspections. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make a confident and informed decision about your potential home. Contact us today to schedule your residential inspection and take the next step towards ensuring the safety and quality of your new property.

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Residential Inspection

A Residential Inspection is crucial for individuals seeking to purchase or rent a previously owned home. It provides essential information before making a decision about the property. A residential inspection thoroughly assesses the major components of the home, enabling buyers to evaluate its overall condition.

Buyer's Inspection

A buyer’s home inspection service is a professional evaluation of a property’s condition for potential buyers. An experienced inspector examines the home’s structure, systems, and safety to identify any issues. The inspector provides a detailed report with findings, helping buyers make informed decisions and negotiate repairs or price adjustments. This service offers peace of mind and helps avoid unexpected expenses after purchase.

Pre-listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection is a thorough examination of a property’s condition before it is put on the market. Conducted by a qualified inspector, it helps sellers identify and address any issues beforehand, enhancing the property’s marketability. By addressing potential problems upfront, sellers can attract more buyers and potentially expedite the sales process.

Renter's Inspection

A renter’s inspection is a process where tenants assess the condition of a rental property before moving in. It allows renters to document any existing damages or issues and share them with the landlord or property manager. The inspection helps protect tenants from being held responsible for pre-existing damages and ensures that the rental unit meets their expectations.

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Storm damage, impact damage, delamination, wind damage and overall condition.


Energy efficiency, ventilation, rot, material and safety hazards. 


Cap, flashing, exterior, mortar, rot and stability.


Cracks, flashing, moisture intrusion and condition.

Flues & Penetrations

Installation, flashing, stability, damage and clearances.


Weatherstripping, glass, stability, hinges, locks, thresholds and safety features.


Ventilation, moisture, vapor barrier, structural damage, piers, subfloors and systems.


Drainage, swales, slopes, vegetation and erosion.


Material, sealing, cracks, rot, paint and signs of structural damage.


Cracks, seals, rot, operation, rot, locks and safety compliance.

Gutters & Downspouts

Debris, blockage, flow, damage and overall condition.


Garage door, opener device, walls, ceilings and overall safety.

What we inspect.

Every home is like a complex puzzle, with each piece needing to fit together seamlessly. Just like that, our home inspection process is designed to analyze every part of your home individually and as a whole. We take a thorough and comprehensive approach to ensure that all components are functioning optimally and working together harmoniously. Rest assured, our inspection covers a wide range of critical elements to make sure your home reaches its full potential.

What to expect.

Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of the property’s condition and empower you to make informed decisions. By following our thorough and structured process, we strive to deliver a comprehensive inspection that meets your expectations and helps you make confident decisions about your investment.


Proper installation, leaks, electrical wiring and operation.


Material, cracks, damage and stability.


Function, stability, decay, obstructions and condition.


Fixtures, drainage, installation, leaks, tubs, showers, water heater and toilets.


Furnaces, cooling equipment, ductwork, distribution systems and temperature measurements.


Firebox, damper, gas, lintel, cracks, soot, and function.


Fixtures, switches, panels, wiring, GFCIs, AFCIs, smoke detectors and receptacles.


Walls, ceilings, doors, floors, windows, steps and railings.


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