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About Your Inspection

At Daily Bread Inspections, LLC, we offer professional and high-quality services for all your home needs, whether you’re buying, selling, or maintaining your property. Our team of certified home inspectors is dedicated to providing exceptional service from the moment you contact us.

During the inspection process, our experienced inspectors will accompany you and provide valuable knowledge tailored to your preferences. We adhere strictly to InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice, ensuring thoroughness and professionalism in our assessments.

Once we complete the walkthrough of your home, we will offer a comprehensive overview of its general condition and its various systems, discussing any significant issues that require immediate attention. We will also highlight areas that may need future maintenance. To facilitate your understanding, we will present all the information in an easy-to-read report, available in both HTML and/or PDF formats. This detailed report will include the discussed items along with accompanying images and videos for reference.

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Daily Bread Inspections thoroughly inspects and reports on the following:


Foundations, grading & drainage, basements, walkways, and floor, wall and ceiling structures.


Service entrance and panels, branch circuits, connected devices and fixtures, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and making sure your outlets are GFCI-protected.


Heating and cooling equipment, ducts, vents and flues.


Roof coverings, drainage systems, flashings and skylights, chimneys and other roof penetrations.


Fixtures and faucets, water supply systems, drain, waste and vent systems, water heater, vents, flues and chimneys, and any sump pumps or fuel storage and distribution systems.


Dishwasher, garbage disposal, range hood, range or oven, cooktop, microwave, trash compactor, bathroom exhaust fans, garage door operator, and other built-in appliances.

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Storm damage, impact damage, delamination, wind damage and overall condition.


Energy efficiency, ventilation, rot, material and safety hazards. 


Cap, flashing, exterior, mortar, rot and stability.


Cracks, flashing, moisture intrusion and condition.

Flues & Penetrations

Installation, flashing, stability, damage and clearances.


Weatherstripping, glass, stability, hinges, locks, thresholds and safety features.


Ventilation, moisture, vapor barrier, structural damage, piers, subfloors and systems.


Drainage, swales, slopes, vegetation and erosion.


Material, sealing, cracks, rot, paint and signs of structural damage.


Cracks, seals, rot, operation, rot, locks and safety compliance.

Gutters & Downspouts

Debris, blockage, flow, damage and overall condition.


Garage door, opener device, walls, ceilings and overall safety.

What we inspect.

Every home is like a complex puzzle, with each piece needing to fit together seamlessly. Just like that, our home inspection process is designed to analyze every part of your home individually and as a whole. We take a thorough and comprehensive approach to ensure that all components are functioning optimally and working together harmoniously. Rest assured, our inspection covers a wide range of critical elements to make sure your home reaches its full potential.

What to expect.

Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of the property’s condition and empower you to make informed decisions. By following our thorough and structured process, we strive to deliver a comprehensive inspection that meets your expectations and helps you make confident decisions about your investment.


Proper installation, leaks, electrical wiring and operation.


Material, cracks, damage and stability.


Function, stability, decay, obstructions and condition.


Fixtures, drainage, installation, leaks, tubs, showers, water heater and toilets.


Furnaces, cooling equipment, ductwork, distribution systems and temperature measurements.


Firebox, damper, gas, lintel, cracks, soot, and function.


Fixtures, switches, panels, wiring, GFCIs, AFCIs, smoke detectors and receptacles.


Walls, ceilings, doors, floors, windows, steps and railings.

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Our high-tech reports revolutionize the way inspection findings are documented and shared. With their visually engaging nature, interactive features, and customization options, they set a new standard of excellence in the industry. Experience the future of inspection reporting with Daily Bread Inspections, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled expertise, ensuring that you receive the most informative and user-friendly reports available.

Residential Inspection

A residential inspection provides a comprehensive assessment of a property’s condition, covering areas such as structure, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, and safety features to ensure informed decision-making for homeowners and buyers.

Commercial Inspection

A commercial inspection involves a thorough evaluation of a commercial property, including its structural components, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, fire safety features, accessibility compliance, and other relevant factors, to assess its condition, functionality, and adherence to applicable codes and regulations.

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